In our society, daughters go through many challenges at every step of their life. Hence, it becomes important to teach them to overcome such hurdles. Only a mother can instil the right values and raise their daughters to be strong, just the way Clinic Plus makes their hair strong.
Meri Beti Strong

Our Purpose

If they watch their mothers suffer in silence, how will the daughters learn to speak up?

When you don’t raise your voice against domestic violence, you encourage it. To stop it,
be strong and speak up.

What is domestic violence?

Physical, mental, emotional, verbal, psychological or sexual abuse by any member of the house is called domestic violence.

  • 1 in every 3 women in India (since the age of 15) has faced domestic violence in some form or the other (25% urban, 32% rural).
  • About 86% women who experienced violence never sought help, and 77% of the victims did not even share the incidents with anyone.
  • From March 2020 to May 2020, there have been 1,477 reported cases of domestic violence. The highest in the past 10 years.

Will you still stay silent?

Our resolution

Clinic Plus has always believed that mothers are the only ones who could make their daughters strong. But what about those daughters who watch their mothers suffer in silence, will they follow the same or gather the courage to speak up? It’s time to make our daughters strong. Let’s take an oath to eradicate domestic violence not just from homes but from our country.   

How can one stop domestic violence?

  • Do not blame yourself.
  • Speak to a reliable person.
  • Do not give offenders a second chance.
  • Call the helpline numbers or reach out to the police.

Most reported cases of domestic violence across India

The number of women from the age group of 18 to 49 from the following states suffer from domestic violence.

Clinic Plus Map

States with more than 25% women suffering from domestic violence.

States with less than 25% women suffering from domestic violence.

*We do not have accurate data of the states that are unmarked.

Women Helpline Numbers

Do not hesitate to ask for help. Raise your voice against the wrong. If you are a victim of domestic violence or know anyone around you, call the helpline numbers to seek help. 

  • Women helpline – 181

    The National Commission For Women (NCW) - 011-26942369

  • Jagori Women's Safety Centre

    011 - 2669 1219 

    Breakthrough Trust

    011 - 41666101/6102/6103 

    Azad Foundation

    011 - 4905 3796 

    National Commission For Women

    011 - 26944805 

  • Mumbai Railway Police


    Mumbai Police Women Helpline No

    022 - 22633333, 022 - 22620111 

    Maharashtra Women Commission

    07477722424, 022 - 26592707

    Maharashtra Women Helpline

    022 - 26111103,1298, 103 

    Majlis – Maharashtra

    022-26661252 / 2394 

    Navi Mumbai Police Station

    103 (Women assistance cell)

  • West Bengal Women

    Commission  - 033 - 23595610

    West Bengal Women Helpline



    033-24863367 / 3368 / 3357 

  • Sahyogi



    011 - 46538000

  • Uttar Pradesh Women Commission

    1800 180 5220

    Uttar Pradesh Women Helpline


  • Women Helpline Punjab

    1091 / 112 

    Women Helpline Amritsar City Only


    Punjab Women Commission

    0172-2712607, 0172-2783607

    For more information, please visit 

Strength comes from mothers

Clinic Plus has gone beyond making one’s hair strong to making every daughter of India strong. Our commercials are not mere advertisements, but inspiring stories of strength between mothers and their daughters. Thereby, teaching mothers that their daughters can achieve anything they wish for when brought up with the right values. Just like this story, do watch and learn from it and most importantly, make your daughters strong.